Mission & Goals Discussion – February 2020

EMTSP (updated in 2020) – Mission and Goals Discussion

Following is the framework and discussion which led to the formulation of two revised goals with multiple action items.

Mission:  Advance the practice of Public Fleet Management


Goal 1:  Information Exchange


  • Meetings – National and Regional Conferences
  • Provide Training (Combine), promote and support EMTSP regional partnerships (MW/NE), delivery of quality meetings, providing information exchange supporting web-based training (WBT), support website content, scheduled conference calls, scheduled webinars (after NCHRP and WBT course completion), identify/develop Research Needs Statement (RNS) and share at the Committee on Maintenance (MaC); outreach to industry, cities, counties, turnpikes, Canadian Ministries of Transportation, etc.
  • This includes
    • Benchmarking
    • Best practices
    • Lessons Learned
    • Presentations
    • Round table discussions
    • Surveys
    • Research findings
    • Advocacy to industry of DOT issues and problems (Workmanship, quality, engineering)

Goal 2:  Provide Professional Development


  • This includes:
    • WBT
    • Mobile apps
    • Website content
    • Conferences – invited SME
    • Sending regional delegates to other regional meeting -identity process and funding
    • Scan Tours
    • Certificate or Certification Program – Long term goal
    • Webinars
    • Convert WBT to Phone app’s – possible long-term goal
    • Communication – style of learning of others younger (generational)
    • Communicating and promotion of FM as a profession to agency and legislative leadership

Goal 3: Research (NCHRP type/level work)


  • This includes:
    • Identification and compilation of RNS – annual EMTSP and TRB AHD60
    • Prioritization of RNS
    • Development of Submission of Research Problem Statements
    • Selling Research Problem Statement at annual MaC meeting
    • Use state membership prioritization of topics as a marketing tool and to increase legitimacy
    • Method to include input and participation of TRB AHD60 Committee on Maintenance of Equipment to EMTSP processes
    • Repository of RNS
    • Insert topics into EMTSP prioritization process
    • Research Papers
    • Update of research road map – occurring now
    • Research implementation
    • Other Research
    • Scan tour with Final Report
    • (Best fit for Equipment – hands-on)
    • Scan tour w/o final report + Peer to Peer Exchange (less costly)
    • Compilation and reporting of other state level research occurring
    • Request results at National and Regional Conferences
    • Add content to Website
    • Share state research with TRB – AHD60


Goal 4:  Promoting public fleet management as a profession; developing future leaders in FM


  • This includes:
    • WBT
    • Certificate or Certification Program – long term goal
    • Invited expert SME’s
    • Discuss professionalism, judgement, budget acumen to the chain of command

Goal 5: Information on new technologies


  • This includes:
    • Promote interaction between Fleet Manager and Technology Transfer (SRP funds)
    • Lisa has used this above relationship to purchase new equipment for testing – example hydrogen powered sweeper
    • Presentations captured by NCPP staff and posted on Website
    • Round table discussions at conferences captured by NCPP staff and posted on website – if approved by all attendees
    • Workshops, possibly sponsored by TRB, Clean Cities (DOE),
    • Webinars- links to industry to see what development/products we can use in FM
    • Environmental regulations, new governing rules, etc.
    • Information from FHWA
    • Remarks and observations: Are all regional partnership sites linked? Are they up to date?
    • Training on website navigation and access to TC3 products 

6) Manufacturers and Industry Engagement – (Input from industry relevant to long term/ short term strategies. 3-5years and further out?  What is coming?   Future outlook for industry, engineering and products.

  • This includes:
    • Who is out there, what is available, when will it be available?
    • Two-way conversations – Industry projections and DOT needs, new technology and maintenance and operator training challenges
    • Conferences
    • Specifications and website posting
    • Post state specs sorted by equipment/assets types
    • Pre-bid meeting summaries (This must be approved by respective State Procurement Offices)
    • Comparisons between states
    • Surveys of 2-3 equipment asset classes
    • Report out of the above via EMTSP
    • Proposed government regulations and industry lobbying efforts
    • Leverage and include FHWA research and resources

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