The American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Equipment Management Technical Services Program (EMTSP) and the Transportation Research Board (TRB) invite you to attend and participate in the Equipment Fleet Management 2018 National Conference and Trade Show.

The event will be attended by highway equipment fleet managers, administrators, directors, engineers from state, local, and federal governments, representatives from the highway maintenance and equipment industry, academic and research participants, and members from the AASHTO and the TRB.

The conference will feature technical presentations from experts and panel discussions on various fleet management issues by representatives of the highway equipment industry, state DOTs, federal government, research, and academic communities. Break-out sessions and business meetings will be provided for the four EMTSP Regional Partnerships, and a forum to share equipment fleet management strategies and best practices will be provided.

This conference will afford the opportunity to learn about national initiatives, current and future research projects by AASHTO and TRB, as well as technological advances in equipment technologies. Attendees will network, interact, and share professional knowledge and insights with peers from state, federal, and local governments and representatives from the highway equipment industry throughout the country.

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