Intensive Course on Mechanics of Tire-Pavement Interaction, Delft, Netherlands

On 26-28 September 2011 an  intensive course on Mechanics of Tire-Pavement Interaction will be held at TU Delft, The Netherlands. The course will address:

* fundamentals of nonlinear large deformation continuum mechanics
* physical and geometric characteristics of modern pneumatic tires
* laboratory testing and constitutive modeling of the thermo-visco-elastic response of rubber materials
* laboratory testing and constitutive modeling of the thermo-visco-plastic response of pavement materials
* metrics of surface roughness and their laboratory/field determination
* innovative laboratory testing of rubber-asphalt friction
* mechanics of large deformation contact and their application for the development of thermo-visco-plastic interface constitutive models
* techniques for field evaluation of tire-pavement friction
* issues in the finite element modeling of tire-pavement interaction
* the influence of tire characteristics on pavement long term response

The course is addressed to graduate and doctoral students and researchers. All lectures and course handout materials are in English. Information about the registration procedure and accommodation in Delft can be found at

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