State Highway Agency equipment fleets represent a significant capital investment, which also require recurring maintenance and operational expenditures. Fleet assets are vital to the delivery of agency programs, projects and services—especially those associated with emergency response. Efficient management of these assets can yield significant savings as well as improved performance and reliability. The technology associated with both on- and off- road equipment is constantly advancing. Microprocessors now control everything from the flow of fuel to headlights and everything in between. Equipment Management Information Technology is constantly advancing as well. This rapid rate of change presents a significant challenge for agency equipment professionals as they try to stay abreast.

The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has contracted with the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) to administer a new Equipment Management Technical Services Program (EMTSP). Beginning in Spring/Summer 2010, the EMTSP will offer agency fleet management professionals:

  • A clearinghouse for comprehensive, up-to-date information on equipment specifications, fleet management best practices, and equipment-related research through a unique website and online reference library.
  • A means to exchange ideas, information, and best practices with other fleet management professionals, thorough regional partnerships.
  • A web-based bulletin board system and Listserv to facilitate Q&A among equipment professionals.

Vision Statement
To serve as the comprehensive national resource supporting effective and efficient governmental highway equipment fleet management.

Mission Statement

To provide governmental equipment fleet management personnel and agency executives with the resources, material and support to promote effective fleet asset management, advance emerging equipment technologies, communicate best practices, and to provide a voice to decision makers and industry on issues impacting fleet operations.

EMTSP – Strategic Goals:

Goal 1: Support regional equipment management partnerships.

Goal 2:  Promote awareness of available equipment technologies.

Goal 3:  Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among equipment management professionals.

Goal 4:  Advance fleet management best practices.

Goal 5:  Maintain and support the equipment fleet management research roadmap.

Goal 6:  Promote and support professional development opportunities for equipment fleet managers.

Goal 7:  Monitor and disseminate information regarding new and proposed regulatory changes that have potential impact upon highway equipment fleets.

Goal 8: Develop and promote common performance measures for equipment fleet management.

EMTSP – Areas of Focus

Equipment Program Administration

  • Management Systems
  • Performance Based Management
  • Equipment Replacement Planning
  • LCCA
  • Cost Accounting
  • Implementation of Programs
  • Dedicated Funding & Funding Sources
  • Budget Development & Management

Fleet Maintenance

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Equipment Shops & Facilities
  • Tools & Diagnostics
  • Parts Procurement
  • Warranty Management
  • Shop Scheduling
  • Repair Standards
  • Shop Safety
  • Performance Based Management
  • Repair Outsourcing


  • Outsourcing
  • Privatization
  • Partnerships
  • Leasing
  • Outside/Commercial Rental
  • Staffing
Regulatory Compliance & Stewardship

  • Motor Carrier
  • State Regulations
  • OSHA
  • External Influences
  • Ethics
  • Environmental Compliance

Workforce Development

  • Professional Development
  • Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Ethics


  • Inquiries
  • Surveys


  • Customer Relations
  • Industry Relations
  • Outreach
  • Best Practices

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