Fleet Management

    • Special Prevention Measures for HPV Wiring Systems Exposed To Severe Environmental Conditions
      Extended usage of vehicles in hostile environments such as salt spreading or other applications which expose wiring and connectors to corrosive materials can speed the corrosion of wiring connections and connectors. Many other factors such as humidity, air content, and thermal cycling can also have negative effects on low current electrical connections such as those used in today’s electronically controlled vehicles. When most systems have had minimal exposure to these conditions they can be properly cleaned, coated, and sealed to correct and/or prevent electrical connection issues.
      International Seal Procedure (.pdf)

  • Performing a G-Inspection for ODOT’s International Dump Truck Fleet
    This greasing and electrical inspection will cover International’s Electrical Inspection TSI as well as key areas designated by the Office of Equipment Management.
    Greasing Procedure (.pdf)

  • Best Practices to Protect DOT Equipment from Corrosion
    This study, sponsored by Washington State DOT and performed by the Western Transportation Institute, identified, evaluated, and synthesized the best practices that can be implemented to minimize the corrosive effects of chloride deicers on DOT winter application equipment and vehicles.
    Download the Full Report (.pdf)

  • Decision Making for Outsourcing and Privatization of Vehicle and Equipment Fleet Maintenance
    A framework for vehicle and equipment fleet analysis and decision making attuned to the unique features of state department of transportation fleet maintenance.The EMTSP was instrumental in getting the research initiated, participated in the research project, and requested approval from AASHTO to get this guide published.
    Order a copy of the Guide from the AASHTO Bookstore

  • AASHTO SCOM TWG Annual Reports
    View / Download the report HERE


  • A Strategic Plan for Equipment Management Research (NCHRP 20-07/Task 309)
    AASHTO has released a report titled “Challenges and Opportunities: A Strategic Plan for Equipment Management Research”. The report identifies needed research which would assist equipment managers deal with day-to-day external and internal challenges. Read the Equipment Final Report – October 2011.

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