Revised Mission & Goals

Revised 7/16/23

Action Plan

Goal 1     Information Exchange

Objective 1.1      Facilitate Participation in National and Regional Meetings

Action 1.1.1          Assist regional groups in creating agendas and finding speakers.

Action 1.1.2          Assist regional groups in performing work activities and periodic communications.

Action 1.1.3          Include networking opportunities to enhance state-state information sharing. 

Objective 1.2      Assist agency with effective communication

Action 1.2.1          Maintain list of agency contacts on website; with necessary updates including primary and alternate. 

Action 1.2.2          Provide attendee list of all meetings.

Action 1.2.3          Use surveys to answer questions of interest by fleet managers; post survey results on website.

Action 1.2.4          Update website to include regional group by-laws and officer list on an annual basis.

Action 1.2.5          Update website to include all Equipment Management Technical Services Program (EMTSP) resolutions.

Action 1.2.6          Develop a common content format for all regional groups.

Action 1.2.7          Make agencies aware of new and proposed Equipment Fleet Related Federal Agency rules and regulations at Regional and National conferences; consider sending email advisories.

Action 1.2.8:        Develop improved topic search capabilities for the EMTSP website.

Action 1.2.9          Record presentations and post on the website.

Action 1.2.10        Disseminate information on new technologies. 

Objective 1.3      Collaborate with Maintenance Committee (MaC), Transportation Research Board (TRB) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Action 1.3.1          Hold Oversight Panel Meeting in conjunction with annual MaC meeting.

Action 1.3.2          Participate in Equipment Management Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting at MaC meeting along with other TWG activities during the MaC.

Action 1.3.3          Invite FHWA Liaison to all conference calls, MaC, TWG and Oversight Panel meetings.

Action 1.3.4          Work with TRB to develop workshops and webinar and in defining Research Needs (RNs).

Action 1.3.5          Obtain input from TRB on new and advancing technologies.

Objective 1.4      Provide professional development

Action 1.4.1          Provide Web-Based Training (WBT), consider development of web-based mobile applications.

Action 1.4.2          Maintain content on EMTSP website; including technical equipment specifications.

Action 1.4.3          Oversight Panel provides EMTSP Website content review.

Action 1.4.4          Evaluate development of associated American Association of State Highway and Transportation Organization (AASHTO) Certification or Certificate program for agency fleet managers, beginning with a certificate program in the short term, certification program in the long term.

Action 1.4.5          Utilize webinars as a training delivery tool; sources include EMTSP, National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), TRB, FHWA and other research authorities.

Action 1.4.6          Identify potential topics and champions for virtual communication products (ie., podcasts); evaluate in one year.

Objective 1.5      Engage with Manufacturers/Vendors

Action 1.5.1          Include input from local and national manufacturers/vendors in reports and presentations at national and regional meetings.

Action 1.5.2          Discuss specifications and approaches for equipment items and present at regional and national meetings.

Action 1.5.3          Continue to have manufacturers identify future in short and long term; identify topics of special and common interest.

Action 1.5.4          Provide opportunities to discuss new global and local proposed equipment technologies.


Goal 2     Research and Innovation

Objective 2.1      Identify Research needs

Action 2.1.1          Solicit potential research ideas at national and regional meetings, TRB AKR30, MaC and others. 

Action 2.1.2          Update the research roadmap and utilize as a guiding document.

Action 2.1.3          Identify needed research and the most viable approach to conduct that research.

Action 2.1.4          Develop scan tour proposals and seek funding from AASHTO, FHWA or regional groups.

Action 2.1.5          Identify peer to peer opportunities and funding options.

Objective 2.2     Participate in the NCHRP research process

Action 2.2.1          Identification and prioritization of Research needs, annually.

Action 2.2.2          Develop and submit the Research Problem Statement(s) (RPSs).

Action 2.2.3          Propose top priorities to MaC using the prioritization.

Action 2.2.4          Encourage members to participate on NCHRP panels if requested.

Objective 2.3      Promote implementation of research and innovation

Action 2.3.1          Make agencies aware of recently completed research.

Action 2.3.2          If research is ready for implementation, identify a few early adoption lead states.

Action 2.3.3          Have early adopters present their experiences.  What did they have to do in order to implement?

Action 2.3.4          Promote working with technology transfer groups to assist in the development, deployment and implementation of new research findings and technologies.

Action 2.3.5          Seek implementation funding.

Action 2.3.6          Explore the viability of listing all equipment-related research on the EMTSP website.

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