COVID-19 News

COVID-19 Face Coverings

Connecticut DOT has issued a draft safety directive (SD-6) on the definition and use of face coverings to prevent / minimize risk of COVID-19 virus infection.

Read COVID-19 SD-6 Face Coverings (.pdf)

COVID-19 Fleet Response: Shop Safety, Driver Guidance, Prioritizing Vehicles

The COVID-19 virus has continued to spread, and fleet organizations across the nation are reacting.

Read how a few public fleet organizations are handling the crisis

COVID-19 Protection for Transit Workers

Transit worker unions (TWU) and (ATU) are concerned for the health of their members during the COVID-19 Pandemic and are strongly pressing transit agencies and operators to provide more robust protection.

Read the Article in “Traffic & Transit”

NCCETC & 100 Best Fleets Round Table: Maintaining Fleet Safety & Service Levels [2020-03-19]

North Carolina State University recently conducted a Round Table — Two-Way Exchange on maintaining fleet safety and service levels during the COVID-19 crisis. The proceedings are approximately one hour long.

View the Round Table and Presentations

CA Fleet Vehicle / Equipment Disinfecting

CA Touch Point Surface Disinfecting

CA Shop 7 Employee Social Distancing Plan

CA Shop 8 Employee Social Distancing Plan

CO Disinfecting Fleet Vehicles

CO Maintenance Patrol Preparedness and Response Plan

CO Vehicle Cleaning Procedure

LA Central Repair Shop Modified Procedures

LA Questions and Answers

MA Field Safety & COVID-19 Protection Protocols

MI Fleet Maintenance Garage COVID-19 Field Operations Guidance

MT Montana DOT Best Practices for COVID-19

OR COVID-19 Best Management Practices for Staff

OR COVID-19 Best Management Practices for Staff

PA COVID-19 Entering PennDOT Facilities

PA Guidance for Cleaning Vehicles

PA Questions and Answers

WA 2020 Equipment Shop Safety Protocols / Return to Work Guidelines

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