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Roads & Bridges – April 2011

Mississippi town shows how new asphalt recycling process saves time, money

By definition, the Re-HEAT process is an on-site, in-place pavement rehabilitation method that consists of heating the existing pavement with a thermal transfer of up to 600°F, removing the aged and distressed surface course asphalt, adding a polymer-modified asphalt-rejuvenating emulsion, mixing the material uniformly in an on-board mixing drum and re-laying the recycled material. The train is followed by conventional compaction equipment. Once conventional compaction equipment compacts the 2- to 3-in.-thick layer of fresh recycled asphalt, traffic can begin to
use it immediately. Unlike other methods of in-place recycling, such as heater-scarified hot in-place and cold in-place recycling, this method does not require a final wearing course such as microsurfacing or HMA paving.

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