Maintenance and Preservation 2012

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No 2292 consists of 20 papers that explore carbon emissions of road maintenance; bid selection methods for road maintenance contracts; maintenance costs of extreme weather events; life cycle of hot in-place pavement recycling; prioritization of pavement preservation; life-cycle cost analysis for pavement preservation; hot-mix asphalt overlay; and life-cycle cost analysis of flexible pavement preventive maintenance.

This issue of the TRR also examines climate impact on asphalt pavement preservation; micro-milling; hot in-place recycled superpave mix; pervious concrete pavement maintenance; repair of deteriorated precast deck-panel bridges; sonic methods to detect concrete bridge deck de-lamination; integrating life-cycle cost analysis with bridge management systems; optimal resource allocation for bridge maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction; remote sensing of bridge performance; model for bridge maintenance evaluation; optimization of equipment replacement; and criteria for fleet management.

Read the TRR Papers

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