AASHTO Introduces Centennial Website, Newsletter

AASHTO Journal, 23 August 2013

AASHTO Introduces Centennial Website, Newsletter

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has officially launched its new website to honor and recognize the association’s 100th anniversary.

Centennial.transportation.org will serve as the place for all things AASHTO centennial through the next year. The multi-media site includes:

  • A narrative of how AASHTO began in 1914;
  • A media archive, including old maps, photos of past meetings, a listing of former presidents and executive directors, and other useful information;
  • Dozens of quick facts, including milestones hit by the organization and its members, the impact of certain events on history, major association activities, etc.;
  • A trivia section, allowing site visitors to test their knowledge of all things transportation, as well as gain insight into the organization and its members through interesting tidbits;
  • “Today in History,” which highlights transportation news that occurred throughout the years on a particular day in history, updated daily (information that is also typically posted on AASHTO’s Facebook page);
  • A blog, updated periodically with insight from members and other guests, on AASHTO’s centennial and other transportation-related items; and
  • A monthly online newsletter, also distributed via email for those who have signed up to receive it (to receive the centennial newsletter in your email, click here).

“We expect the new centennial web site to grow and evolve throughout the next year. What you see now is just a start,” said Lloyd Brown, AASHTO’s Director of Communications. “This site will give everyone associated with transportation the opportunity to reflect on how far America’s infrastructure has come in 100 years, and also consider how much more we still have yet to do.”

AASHTO’s centennial celebration will officially kick off at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in Denver this October and will run until AASHTO’s 2014 Annual Meeting. For any questions regarding the AASHTO centennial website or newsletter, contact AASHTO Communications Director Lloyd Brown at lbrown AT aashto.org. ​​

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