NHI Course 134109H – Weather-related Operations (Web-based Training)


Storm control is a major component of roadway maintenance in many areas of the country. State, municipal, and county agencies are responsible for providing safe, passable roadways even in severe weather. While the majority of the Weather-related Operations course concentrates on snow and ice storms, many of the elements apply to other weather events as well. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and flooding all require coordination and dedication of maintenance personnel. In any weather event, agencies need to restore roadways and bridges and to ensure they are safe for motorists.

Participants learn about the planning requirements for an effective storm response, including scheduling and training personnel, identifying equipment needs, executing dry runs, and the additional requirements posed by a multi-day storm event. This training assists participants with planning and responding effectively to all weather-related operations.

This training was developed as part of the Maintenance Training Series. To access all the courses in the series, enroll in the 134109 course.

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